I have a well-developed sense of my own attitudes and values.

I average 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

I find healthy ways to cope with stress (e.g. exercise, relaxation, social support).

I am able to cope with feelings of sadness and worry.

I seek counseling if I face problematic or enduring emotional difficulties in my life.


I spend time outdoors enjoying nature.

I reduce, reuse, and recycle products.

I use ecologically friendly products (e.g. eco-friendly cleaning supplies, organic products, energy efficient appliances).

I eat at least one organic and/or locally grown food product per day.

I try to lessen my environmental impact.

I walk, bike, use public transportation or carpool.

I have adopted water saving habits.


I budget my funds so I do not run out of money.

I balance my checkbook regularly.

I know my total amount of debt.

I have 1 or no credit cards.

I am never late on my credit card, tuition/fees, other payments

My financial aid and other sources of income are direct deposited into my bank account.

I know all the sources of financial aid for which I am eligible.


I know about available campus resources in my area of study.

I know how to access academic resources when necessary.

I find my academic life fulfilling.


I manage my time effectively.

I work effectively with others.

I am developing the necessary skills to achieve my career goals.

I have confidence in my job search skills (resume writing, interviewing, etc.).

I have explored different career options.

I spend a portion of my time doing volunteer or service work.


I am active either 60 minutes a day (light effort), 30-60 minutes four days/week (moderate effort), or 20-30 minutes two to three days/week (vigorous effort).

I maintain healthy eating patterns.

I eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

I drink either zero or no more than 3 drinks of alcohol (for women)/4 drinks (for men) in one sitting.

I do not use or I avoid harmful use of drugs (includes tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, etc.).

I practice safe sex (e.g. use a condom, partners test negative for STIs) or practice abstinence.

I see a health care practitioner if I can't solve a health concern on my own.

I manage my weight in healthy ways.


I am satisfied with my social life.

I am involved in at least one university or community group.

I maintain a network of supportive friends/family/social contacts.

I have at least one meaningful relationship.

I am accepting of the diversity of others (i.e., race, ethnicity, religion, gender, ability, or sexual orientation).

I give priority to my own needs by saying 'no' to others' requests of me when applicable.


I have a belief system (e.g., spiritual, atheist, religious).

I have a sense of purpose in my life.

I take time for spiritual growth and development.

I utilize campus resources to improve my well-being.

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