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My job is a reprint and already on file at Fast Copy. (letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc.)

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*Paper Size (make sure your page setup matches the paper size):
8.5 x 11 Letter Size Paper
8.5 x 14 Legal Size Paper
11 x 17 Tabloid or Ledger Paper
12 x 18 Paper (Color Copier Only)
13 x 19 Paper (Color Copier Only)
8.5 x 11 Booklet (11x17 folded/stitched)
Custom Size - such as poster, business card, or describe below in Other Information or Instructions

#9 envelope
#10 envelope
#10 window envelope
9x12 envelope
10x13 envelope

*Paper Weight and *Color: question mark(click for help choosing)
Weights are listed from lightest to heaviest-70# text is lighter than 65# cover. Click the question mark above for help in choosing paper.

standard stationery
       (business cards, letterhead, or envelopes)

20# bond 
        (light-weight regular paper)
70# text
        (medium-weight, for folded brochures or double-sided copies)
65# cover 
        (medium to heavy-weight, stronger, for booklet covers, etc.)
110# index 
         (heavy-weight, "cardstock" for postcards and durable flyers)
80# cover  
         (heavy-weight, for postcards and bound manual covers)  
Custom -

Color Copies on the Color Copier

Call 3325 for more information regarding these choices.
Specialty papers

Samples of all papers are available in Fast Copy.



1/2 fold  
1/3 letter fold 
1/3 accordian fold  
double parallel
see description

Trim to finished size in inches (use decimals, 11 1/2 = 11.5):
inch width 42-inch maximum for poster
inch length/height 


Black plastic comb binding:

Three-hole punch

Laminate (25-inch maximum width)

Spiral Binding

Other Information or Instructions

Click the Submit button ONCE. It may take a minute to process.


A poster price chart is available.

Poster Size: Enter dimensions below under "Bindery - Trim to finished size"

Poster Paper Weight:

20# Bond - Poster Proof Quality
(not recommended for heavy ink coverage)

24# Bond, 2-in-1 matte - Medium Quality
(good for mostly text)

Low Glare Photo Paper - High Quality
(best for photo/graphic heavy posters, heavy ink)

Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Banner

Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Banner

Artist Canvas

Other (call 3325 for available materials such as cotton poplin, clear film, etc.)

White Border
(the 42-inch-wide machine cannot print to the edge of the page, so we can do one of three things: trim away the excess, leaving no border; trim the other sides to match the natural 1/4-inch border; or we can extend the size of the excess in order to have a white border larger than 1/4-inch): (just tell us how large of a border you'd like; 0 would be no border, trimmed to the edge of the printing; default is 0)