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*Paper Size (make sure your page setup matches the paper size):
8.5 x 11 Letter Size Paper
8.5 x 14 Legal Size Paper
11 x 17 Tabloid or Ledger Paper
12 x 18 Paper (Color Copier Only)
13 x 19 Paper (Color Copier Only)
8.5 x 11 Booklet (11x17 folded/stitched)
Custom Size - such as poster, business card, or describe below in Other Information or Instructions

#9 envelope
#10 envelope
#10 window envelope
9x12 envelope
10x13 envelope

*Paper Weight and *Color: question mark(click for help choosing)
Weights are listed from lightest to heaviest-70# text is lighter than 65# cover. Click the question mark above for help in choosing paper.

standard stationery
       (business cards, letterhead, or envelopes)

20# bond 
        (light-weight regular paper)
70# text
        (medium-weight, for folded brochures or double-sided copies)
65# cover 
        (medium to heavy-weight, stronger, for booklet covers, etc.)
110# index 
         (heavy-weight, "cardstock" for postcards and durable flyers)
80# cover  
         (heavy-weight, for postcards and bound manual covers)  
Custom -

Color Copies on the Color Copier

Call 3325 for more information regarding these choices.
Specialty papers

Samples of all papers are available in Fast Copy.



1/2 fold  
1/3 letter fold 
1/3 accordian fold  
double parallel
see description

Trim to finished size in inches (use decimals, 11 1/2 = 11.5):
inch width 42-inch maximum for poster
inch length/height 


Black plastic comb binding:

Three-hole punch

Laminate (25-inch maximum width)

Spiral Binding

Other Information or Instructions

Click the Submit button ONCE. It may take a minute to process.


A poster price chart is available.

Poster Size: Enter dimensions below under "Bindery - Trim to finished size"

Poster Paper Weight:

20# Bond - Proof Quality
(similar to regular copy paper, not recommended for heavy ink coverage)

46# Bond (matte) - Medium Quality
(similar to cardstock paper, 175 gsm)

Satin Photo Paper - High Quality
(good for photo/graphic heavy posters, heavy ink, 235 gsm, this is what our previous photo paper was)

Gloss Photo Paper - High Quality
(good for photo/graphic heavy posters, heavy ink, 235 gsm, this is a newer offering)

Polypropylene (8 mil)
(matte finish film material, lightweight and durable)

Polyester fabric (8 mil)
(matte finish woven fabric, lightweight and durable)

Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Banner (16 mil)
(heavy duty vinyl with a strong plastic mesh on the backside)

Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Banner

Artist Canvas

(Call 3325 for other available materials or any questions about the poster materials)

Grommets along top and bottom

Grommets along along sides

Reinforced edges with specialized banner tape (only available for the indoor/outdoor vinyl banners, requires an additional 1" of material on each side)

White Border
(the 42-inch-wide machine cannot print to the edge of the page, so we can do one of three things: trim away the excess, leaving no border; trim the other sides to match the natural 1/4-inch border; or we can extend the size of the excess in order to have a white border larger than 1/4-inch): (just tell us how large of a border you'd like; 0 would be no border, trimmed to the edge of the printing; default is 0)